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Giyani, Malamulele hiking spots too dangerous

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By: Giyani View reporter

Police have issued an arlet to travellers from Giyani to Malamulele, and Malamulele to Giyani hiking spots to be extra cautious of a woman who is roaming around from the mentioned hiking spots.

Police said “the woman took the victims to a place called Ximuwini in the nearest bushes outside Malamulele in Limpopo. The woman claimed to see someone else in the area as she drove to the area, and afterwards the victims realised that the woman was lying, and managed to escape and report the horror to the police”.

The victims claimed that the woman took them to the area to be killed.

Colonel Rikhotso said ” the place is too risky. they’re helt houses in the area which are used by the suspects to kill people.

When the police arrived at the area, the suspects managed to escape. The suspects are still at large. He added