Employees and contractors held hostage at PMC

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Photo by Martin


By: Lucky Baloyi

Members of the Phalaborwa CPF and the SAPS in Phalaborwa had a meeting on Thursday to discuss the strategy forward in giving those trapped inside the mine’s premises access to leave the facility.

It’s alleged that Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) members had barricaded all entrances and exits to the Palabora Mining Company (PMC) as their wage negotiations with mine management remain deadlocked.

The union is demanding an increase in wages of 12% while the mine is offering 8%.

The strike has been ongoing since Wednesday and has now escalated to what those trapped in the mine are calling a hostage situation.

“They are refusing to let any of us go home,” said one employee who spoke to bulletin “they have threatened the workers who tried to escape and two women were almost assaulted as they tried to make their way through the strikers.”