Mukhomi| Mavambe


Police are investigating the death of an unknown woman found between Mukhomi and Mavambe villages


Photo by SAPS

By: Giyani View reporter

Police in Malamulele outside Giyani are investigating the death of an unknown person after the gruesome discovery of the body of a woman between Mukhomi and Mavambe villages near Malamulele on Friday.

Police said “the body is totally decomposed but only ladies jean and some pieces of the inner clothing were found on the spot”.

Limpopo police spokesperson Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said “anyone who is having a missing person in his/her family ,may contact Malamulele Police Station at 082 729 0229 or may go to the Police Station for identification through the recovered pieces of clothes”.

“This Province is experiencing a high rate of reported incidents of missing persons and based on that, members of the community are requested to come on board in preventing and avoiding these incidents from happening by taking safe journeys and to look after the children, expecially girls”. Ngoepe added