All Vha- venda in Giyani and Malamulele must temporarily go back to Venda”

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Giyani town. Photo by Martin

By: Giyani View reporter

LIM345 Task Team stakeholders from Pfukani, Hlangananani and Malamulele met on Sunday to discuss further the decision taken by President Jacob Zuma that the Vhembe district municipality should provide services to the people of Vuwani while a solution on the demarcation issue was being sought.

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During the meeting on Sunday, a number of issues were discussed;
5.2.1 The Unequal treatment of Vatsonga and VhaVenda in Vembe District

5.2.2 the unequal abolishment of the then Bantustand homeland namely:Lebowa,Gazankulu and Venda

5.3 Resolutions,The following resolutions were taken by the house and it pleased every participant:

5.3.1 No project to be done by the VDM (Vhembe District Municipality) Vuwani without the engagement of LIM345 Council

5.3.2 The President must retract his temporarily resolution of people of Vuwani to be serviced by the VDM

5.3.3 The council of LIM 345 must write a communique to the VDM that to remind them not to offer services to Vuwani because Vuwani is a jurisdiction area of LIM345

5.3.4 All damaged schools and offices in LIM345 must be repaired equality and the perpetrators must be detained and rot in jail

5.3.5 Vuwani must not be excluded from LIM345 because they tried everything legally and fail

5.3.6 All Chiefs must quantify all needs of their communities and submit them to the task team

5.3.7 Wherein as the people of Vuwani should be serviced by the VDM the LIM345 council must seek clarity of the village sectors such as Ekurhuleni

5.3.8 The status of the LIM 345 Cllrs must be verified and also where they belong because for them to report at VDM offices is unlawful

5.3.8 LIM 345 Council must not sign anything regarding Vuwani and Vhembe

5.3.9 The President must come back and address all stakeholders of LIM345 including the Pro Makhado Task Team and King Tony Mphephu Ramabulana

“Hlanganani, Pfukani and Malamulele must temporarily go back to Mopani, and all Vhavenda who are working in Giyani and Malamulele must temporarily go back to Venda”. LIM345 said

“Gazankulu and Lebowa are demolished but Venda still exist therefore the statue of Mphephu must be removed from the district office because Ntsanwisi dam is changed to Nsami Dam”. The council said

” The University of Venda must change its name. Emphasis of the matter Vembe District is not for the Republic of Venda but for all people who live on it”. LIM345 Added