Thomo Village- Malaria had killed another child

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Photo by Martin

By: Blessing Mabunda

Limpopo province has reported over a thousands of malaria cases so far. In April at least over 600 cases were reported in Mopani and Vhembe districts.

Nkhensani Hospital had to erect tents to accommodate the influx of malaria patients. At Majosi village outside Giyani, two children died of malaria infection recently.

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It’s alleged that health authorities have not sprayed some of the houses with mosquito repellent at Majosi village and Thomo village.

Limpopo health department said malaria cases are declining.

Meanwhile, 18 year old Tshendza Mabunda died of malaria in Nkhensani Hospital. It’s alleged that three other family members have survived.

Tshendza was among four people in Mabunda’s family who contacted malaria after health authorities have not sprayed their home at Thomo Village with mosquito repellent this year, as has been done in previous years.

Limpopo health department spokesperson Derrick Kganyago said “there have been fatalities, fortunately when you calculate the deaths you always look at a percentage and you say its an outbreak once it moves outside of a percentage. We are still at one percentage of the overall infections.”