Giyani- Hiphop Group (De-Aumegas) will release their debut E.P


By: Giyani View reporter
The Hotest South African Hiphop Group of our time Known as De-Aumegas just announced the release date of their Debut E.P by releasing the E.P Cover this morning, De_Aumegas (The Omegas) which is a Greek name for the Last Letter “Z” said to release their Introductory E.P Project titled “The Beginning” on Friday, June 16.

De Aumegas shows its unlimited creativity by Involving two Greek words to introduce themselves to the Music Industry, which Is “The Beginning/Alfa and The Last/ Omega”.

This has a very Great meaning and huge impact on how they approach the Industry Using African/ Indigenous Languages. De_Aumegas Calls this “The Beginning” not because its their First time ever in the music making Business but because there has never been anything like this in the South African Music Industry…. So is why they call themselves “The Last Ones”

This Group is Formed by the Most complete Rappers who have both experiences on Being a Solo Artist and Being in a Group, which make their creativity and strength even more Powerful than any other Group. “The Beginning” is a 7 tracks E.P which Features all the exciting Sounds your are looking for….From Trap, New Age Kwaito, Jazzy Hiphop….To…..Party songs, Motivational songs and Love Songs.

Here are the names of the Group Members and their simple Biographies

1. Sthenic Clinic, Sings & Rap in Zulu & English
: Writer/Rapper/Actor and Founder of SVSDside Entertainment™

2. JOoJOo Gal, Sings & rap in Zulu & English
: Writer/ Female Rapper/ Singer and Owner of JOoJOo Gal Clothing Brand

3. Dee en Kay, Sings & Rap in Tsonga & English
: Writer/Rapper/Producer and Founder Of Swamatsonga Hardcore Entertainment™