Giyani- Bode residents will hear their fate on Sunday

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By: Blessing Mabunda

Bode residents will on Sunday hear their fate after Dzingidzingi community disconnected the water pipe which has been joined by Bode residents from the main supply pipe from Nsami dam.

It’s alledged that residents at Bode village outside Giyani consultanted no one when they illegally joined the main water supply pipe and reduced the water pressure at Dzingidzingi village outside Giyani.

Dzingidzingi community leader, Zero Mashimbye said “they have no problem to share water with Bode residents but before they (Bode residents) joined the main water supplier pipe consultantion was needed because it reduced the water pressure at Dzingidzingi”.

On Sunday the two communities will meet at Khomisani primary school to look at ways that will ease their dispute.

“The two communities had a great working relationship before, we built Khomisani primary together and things were good until they joined their water supply pipe illegal” . Mashibye added

Greater Giyani Municipality spokesperson Steven Mavunda said “the municipality is unaware of the dispute, nevertheless the invistigation will be conducted in the matter”.

Bode community leader, Abel Maluleke said “the matter has been reported to the chief and both community leaders were summoned at the meeting at Hlaniki Village the decision wasn’t taken either that entitled Bode residents to live without water”.

Meanwhile a source said “it’s an issue of being self-centered as it doesn’t make sense that how can Dzingidzingi residents can be crying babies in the matter since the main water supply pipe pass through Dzingidzingi to Bode, and how does it affect them at Dzingidzingi?”.

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Edited by: Dankie Mabunda