Phalaborwa- Ba-Phalaborwa Mayor together with AMMSA donated R15k to Relebogile high

Photo by Ba- phalaborwa Municipality 

By: Vulani Baloyi

Phalaborwa- Ba-Phalaborwa Mayor, Cllr Pule Shayi together with representatives from Palabora Copper and the Association of Mine Managers of South Africa (AMMSA) donated R15 000 to Relebogile High School in Namakgale on Monday.

A visit which was seen as an honourable and special visit to the school came after the School was identified by Palabora Copper and the Mayor after a sensibly consultations with Ward Counsellors and other relevent stakeholders.

It is understood that Relebogile topped the list of the schools that needed an urgent lifeline, resulting with the unanimous decision to award it with this donation.

Palabora Copper’s External Affairs and Communications Manager, Lydia Jemina Radebe said “the decision to select one school out of more than 50 schools that are in Phalaborwa which most needed urgent support was a difficult one for both the Mayor, Palabora Copper and AMMSA. However, the 2017 donation from AMMSA was meant for one school and other schools will benefit from other initiatives in the future”.

Radebe said that although Shayi requested that the cheque be split into smaller amounts to benefit more schools, the AMMSA donation guidelines were intended for one school so that the impact for the selected school can be visible.

“The donation from AMMSA to schools is part of the collaboration between Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality through the Mayor’s office, AMMSA and Palabora Copper to continue improving the lives of Ba-Phalaborwa and giving back to the community”.

“Palabora Copper has spent millions in community development projects including construction of roads and clinics and whenever there is a slight opportunity to get any donation from our partners, we ensure that is channelled through to Phalaborwa to improve the lives of the people”, Radebe said

During his short address, Shayi said that his office and Palabora Copper have made a commitment to work on advancing the lives of the people in Phalaborwa.

“During my term in office and all the time I have worked and engaged with Palabora Copper, I have come to view Palabora Copper as a company that cares deeply about our communities. Palabora Copper has assisted the Municipality with a lot in ensuring that our social contract with our people is achieved”.

Shayi said that although R15 000 may seem to be little amount, learners are going to benefit from its utilisation.

Shayi who is former teacher for a period of more than 12 years said that he understands challenges that schools are faced with, thus, expressed his gratitude to Palabora Copper and AMMSA for continuing to better the lives of people.

Relebogile High School Principal Mr Zulu Vincent Mathe sent his heartfelt gratitude to Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality, Palabora Copper, AMMSA and all stakeholders that were present.

“Indeed Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality, Palabora Copper and AMMSA have touched us and we will use the donation money to improve the learning and teaching in our school”, said the school Principal Mr Zulu Vincent Mathe.