Giyani- Khakhala Primary School celebrates youth month in style


From left to right: Sylvia Zitha, Agnes Machebele, Lucy Mabunda, Ntsako Mahlaule, Conny Nwantungeni, Cyntia Baloyi, Dassy Honwani. Photo by Vulani Baloyi

By: Vulani Baloyi

Giyani- Wednesday was unlike any other day at Khakhala Village outside Giyani as Community members, Khakhala Primary School learners together with their educators gathered at Khakhala Primary School to participate in various Sports activities as a way of celebrating June 16 this Youth month.

It was a day filled with joy and laughter for participants who participated in various sporting codes which included ‘Ncuva’, ‘Muravarava’, Volleyball, Netball and Soccer.

Community working Programme (CWP), well-known as Siriti workers went head on with Khakhala Primary School educators on a soccer match full of spectators at Khakhala United FC field.

The match started with loud cheers and Vuvuzelas as it was of mixed genders, both sides went on very well ’till it ends with KPS educators thrashing CWP 3-0

Speaking to one of the Educator from KPS, Chabalala Daniel said the motive behind the school organising the celebration is to show respect and to honour 1976 students who fought against Afrikaans in schools.

“If it was not for them, we would still be using Afrikaans in schools even today, so these activities are just to show appreciations for what they did for us. Black people would still be undermined today if it was not for their contribution in the fight against Apartheid laws and its system so we thought we should just come here and celebrate them by playing games in honour of them”, Chabalala said.

“We want to encourage our students to participate in sports so that it enhances their talents and educational activities. We want to highlight to them that to be successful does not always come from being intellect; even talent can lead to success hence we want them to participate in sports. This will also help them to stay away from drugs and alcohol”.

School Principal Sevha Makhubele said they had to celebrate June 16 on Thursday because they could not celebrate on the actual day. He said the purpose for these activities were just to highlight the importance of all this to the Youth of Khakhala Village, community members and the Nation as a whole
“This is just a day to highlight how important this day is to the Youth of South Africa. We saw it fit that we should get a day like this to gather and talk about the importance of this day”, Makhubele said.

He further encouraged Youth to engage in sporting activities and to focus on education in order to avoid drugs and alcohol abuse.

“We engaged them in various sport activities from the morning as a way to make sure they avoid drugs and alcohol. We want to make sure that our youth focus on education and Sports in order to be successful in life”.

Dressed in school Uniform as a way of celebrating this day, community member Dassy Honwani said the motive behind her dressing in school Uniform is to show that she is in support of what the 1976 Youth fought and died for.

She was asked whether she thinks the South African government is doing enough to make sure every child is able to get education, Honwani said the government is doing much to make education available to every South African since it introduced free education and feeding schemes in schools.
Another Community member Ntsako Mahlaule said June 16 highlights the importance of education.

She encouraged youth to focus on education in order to be independent and employable
“I would like to encourage students and youth particularly to avoid drugs and alcohol since it brings nothing good but ruins life of our youth”, Mahlaule said.

Edited by Dankie Mabunda