Malamulele- Traditional healers marched against ritual killings in Malamulele

Photo by Otto Ngobeni

By: Otto Ngobeni, Giyani view correspondent

Malamulele – The newly formed Malamulele municipality, LIM345 led by the mayor Cllr Joyce Bila, took part in the march against the trend of ritual killings over women and children.

The march was arranged by local traditional healers together with the Malamulele health workers and the angry community on Thursday.

Malamulele magistrate court office has received the memorandum which has been submitted by the protesters.

The local court promised to go through the memorandum and respond to it within 30 days. The event was held in Malamulele Boxing gym

Among the protesters included, Municipal chief whip Miyelani Chauke and provincial chairperson of traditional healers association Frank Xikhabela.

Cllr Bila condemned the ritual killings relating to the most recent murder of Pretty Baloyi of Hasani-Dakari Village in the Western part of Malamulele who was laid to rest over weekend.

“It is totally unacceptable to see young people, specially young women and children murdered for their body parts, because someone wants to use their body parts”. Bila said

Limpopo chairperson of traditional healers association Frank Xikhabela said traditional healers don’t use human parts for their daily activities but only use specific plants and animals skin.

“No legitimate healer will ever use human parts to heal other people because it’s against the belief.” Said Xikhabela

He further warned all criminals who commit crime and hide behind the name of traditional healers to retract from doing so, because their names are tarnished for all wrong reasons.