Photo by Albert Maluleke

By: Albert Maluleke Maluleke

Clement Mabasa famously known as Deleon jr or known to his fans as Cash The Inspired Ghost was born in Gauteng (Alexandra), but was raised in Limpopo (Nkovani Village) outside Malamulele.

He’s a Tsonga rapper/ singer, IT student, Screenwriter, voice over artist, OBL member and the owner of Smokey Dog Records.

Cash has been in the music scene for sometimes he had worked with a lot of Tsonga rappers since he emerged on the scene, those he worked with includes his crew member and producer Mellow kid and C.K, Amalgamation, MC Bloq, L.A PEE and Young B. He also managed a crew called Cash Gang. 2014 he was crowned the freestyle king at GCR FM‘s Saturday morning breakfast show hosted by Jessie J .

Cash has recently finished making his official first mixtape titled the first Rand which will be realised before the end of June
Giyani View: can you discuss how you got into Hip Hop? When did you first begin recording?

Cash: I liked hip hop from younger age, but my first recording came around 2009 ,I recorded my first track with Trevor called bomba  mchangana the track was influenced by Dj Tee Cee who introduced me to Dj Sghotha who recorded my first rap track at his home studio (Hustle MMbas) , the track wasn’t that successful. My street to hip hop came to light after the track ,started recording mixtapes tracks around 2010 late ,friends and couple of strangers started calling me a rapper then like that it was a set.

Giyani View: Were there any particular artists or producers from the past who inspired you?

Cash: Dj Tee Cee used to give me Hip hop Albums that inspired me big time , the artist that inspired me to rap was Mchangana, I heard so many rappers rap but he was the rapper that rap using my language and that gave me so much courage to write my 16s and able to stand on the Mic.

Giyani View: How did you connect as part of the OBL?
Cash: I started making music with OBL in 2012 after I relocated in nkovani Village , I Met Mellow Kid when he recorded my track with Young B , I recorded few tracks at Mellow’s until SDR also relocated to Nkovani then OBL was born , OBL stand for Official Black Level it was me ,Ck ,Mellow , Da kid , Taylor Girl …but the people who were always on the tracks was CK ,mellow and myself , we recorded Lot of tracks and released through Bluetooth, performed on school events , churches and bashes ,OBL was bit popular to the couple of villages around Malamulele .

Giyani View: Can you discuss what caused you to break out on your own? Do you have any       forthcoming projects with the crew OBL?

Cash: OBL’s break came around early 2014 , we did tracks that year but we were not a crew no more. So whoever came with the  idea owned the track , nobody said nothing about quitting but it was clear to everyone that everybody is rapping on their own , we didn’t stop recording the tracks together we still do . If i can say the crew is working on something I’ll be lying,the crew’s communiction is poor but we do talk about music daily

Giyani View: How do you differentiate your sound and style from other emcees?

Cash: My kind of sound is too much of music that you have to pay attention and listen to lyrics, I do record tracks you can dance to but mostly I focus more on lyrics. even though I might not be the best lyricist  but my focus is to bring whatever I’m rapping about in a good lyrical content , and I believe I sound like me because I do me it’s what makes me differ .

Giyani View: Please share the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far during your journey within the music industry?

Cash: Music is Art it takes time, it takes time to master a certain sound, lessons of music come as failures I’ve learned a lot so far but the biggest lesson was how to invest your time in doing music, time and music I believe they go together somehow, to do a good track it might take a day but to record a dope track it takes time. The lesson is Don’t Rush Art.

Giyani View: What marketing activities do you feel have been the most impactful in helping boost your mark in the game?

Cash: Marketing is hard man. But so far I can’t complain, been submitting music in radio stations, mostly community radio stations, and getting love there and there. air play is rare mostly if you doing Tsonga rap , people get it but like I said its rare , performing for free at certain events been other platform for prompting my music and my all-time marketing will be online I put my music on the net for everyone to download for free

Giyani View: Which social media and online tools do you prefer most to connect with audiences?
Cash: Facebook, You can add me @Clement De Leon Junior and Like the Page Tsonga Rap/Hip and you can also check me on Reverb nation Deleon Cash Jr that’s me, and enjoy the Art.

Giyani View: Can you discuss how you go about working with producers and How do you connect? What’s your typical recording flow- are you in the lab together, exchanging ideas online, or something else?

Cash: Working with someone who understand the image you trying to paint through music is a blessing, a good producer might not always produce a hit but classics. I mostly work with producers who i can meet and have a season with, if is a collab we talk and exchange ideas, flow style, you can’t be rapping with dance flow to a sad song; we discuss those kind of things first then work on a song.

Giyani View: How do you balance School, life, and Hip Hop?

Cash: My music is my life ,God balanced that for me , for now I don’t do music full time because I’m studying full time but there and there when I find time I hit the studio ,I can’t say its balancing cause my focus is one sided and that’s school.
Giyani View: What do you classify as success in the music industry?

Cash: A success in music industry, we can classify music success in many ways . in my views the time I’ll say I’m musical successful is when my music can be there for as many people as in can reach make those who appreciate art see the beauty of it .

Giyani View: What’s next for Cash?

Cash: What’s next? For me is what’s first? yeah like that ,I’m about to release my First Mixtape titled The First Rand which could be out any day from now , or maybe before end of June . So lookout for the first rand 14 tracks featuring few well known Tsonga Rappers, it’s gonna be free if you want it just hala. That’s what First for Me