Giyani- Chief Nkuri halt a water project brought by Penny Penny


Photo supplied/ Facebook/ Penny Penny

By: Khomisani Chabalala

Chief Nkuri, born Sevha Michael Maluleke took people of Giyani by surprise when he halted ZZ2 borehole sponsorship at Nkuri village, west of Giyani.

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Last Thursday, Limpopo High Court in Polokwane dismissed an interdict brought to it by Chief Nkuri.

Nkuri wanted to interdict private projects rendered to Nkuri community linked to Greater Giyani Municipality (GGM) ward 5 Councillor, born musician Eric Nkovani well- known as Penny Penny.

It’s alleged that Nkuri ordered a halt to the water Project at Nkuri village without giving valid reasons to support his decision.

Penny Penny took to Facebook and Instagram on Monday to share his dissapointment at Nkuri’s actions and questioned his wrongful doing when he had received a sponsorship on behalf of Nkuri residents.

During an interview on Mughana Lonene FM (MLFM) on Wednesday, Chief Nkuri claimed that he doesn’t have a problem with Penny Penny.

“The Mayor and the chief Whip of the Greater Giyani Municipality know that I don’t have a problem with my people receiving service delivery”, Nkuri claimed.

“I only have a problem with the ZZ2 water Project because of its merit”.

Chief Nkuri denied the allegations that he ceased an Apollo light project at Ntomu village outside Giyani.

However, Penny Penny claims that the Chief ceased the Apollo light Project.

“I can’t convey a message with my Chief on the street, proper channels must be followed. I conveyed all the messages through his secretary because I was told by the Chief that I can pass the message to him through his secretary”, he said.

“I called the meeting between the ward committee, the Chief and his council, and municipality deployee were in attendance, resolutions were taken that water project should continue”.

Penny Penny he was surprised on Monday after another court order was brought before them which stated that they should stop the Project in the village since they weren’t given the permission by the Chief.

Meanwhile, in May this year the community leaders at Nkuri called on the Nkuri Royal family to sack the chief.

The community, which comprises three villages – Zamani, Xirilele and Ntomu have formed a group called Zaxinto to handle the matter.

Over the past weeks residents held meetings in which they elected community leaders from each of the three Villages.

Nkuri is also accused of blocking development projects, which is the source of the conflict with Penny Penny.

Xigono Mathonsi, a community leader, said the Chief was not cooperating with Penny Penny in his efforts as councillor to uplift the community.

Edited by Vulani Baloyi