Photo by Otto Ngobeni

By: Otto Ngobeni

VUWANI-The Pro makhado Task Team announced their plan to strike following the government’s failure to fulfill it’s long due promise regarding the service delivery.

The announcement was made just after the Task team celebrated (their annual 67 minutes of Nelson Mandela international day on the 18th of July 2017), where Vuwani residents joined forces and went to paint two houses of disadvantaged families and clean Vuwani town.

The innitiative was made possible by Mr N.J Mukwevho from Real Paints and Chemicals who donated with paints and ensuring the success of this historic Mandela Day.

Pro Makhado task team spokesperson Nsovo Sambo said they are greatful to have been led by the Struggle Icon Nelson Mandela as they continue to draw inspiration and hope from his wisdom.

Sambo quoted Mandela’s wise words referring to their people’s struggle, saying “To deny
people their Human Rights is to challenge their very Humanity.”

He further reffered these words as the chief
cornerstone of what Mandela stood up and fought for in his entire life. Saying the humanity of the people of Vuwani is being challenged by the Government due to its failure to implement the decision taken by the President of the Republic of South Africa (President Jacob Zuma) and the King of VhaVenda (Toni Mphephu Ramabulana )which was announced on the 07th of May 2017.

“This attitude of the Government towards us in Vuwani is that of undermining our human rights. We still maintain that the government is elected to serve the interests of the people and should by all means listen to their voices.” Says Sambo.

Pro Makhado Task Team alleged that the newly formed LIM345 municipality have on many occasions tried to open and operate the Regional and Traffic Offices in Vuwani, The Pro Makhado Digital Terrestial television (DTT) together with the Senior Traditional Leaders have met with the Executive Mayor and also the Provincial government to have the decision
implemented, however Sambo says nothing fruitful came out of those engagements so far.

The decision based on the above mentioned contexts indicate that the people are planning to have a peaceful march on the 24th July 2017 (Monday) to the Executive Mayor of Vhembe District Municipality and the petition will be directed to the Presidency, National ,Provincial government and District municipality.

Furthermore the government will be given 7 days to implement the decision which is expected to be effective from the 1st of August 2017. On the day of march (24th July 2017), businesses and schooling will resume after the petition is handed
over to the Executive Mayor.

The Peaceful March is scheduled to start at 10h00 am in the Univen Park (Opposite Khoroni Hotel), going straight to Vhembe District Municipality offices

“Should we be expected to fight for our Human Rights, we will do so and we will at all times remind the government and its apparatus that our decision to rejects anything to do with LIM345 is unwavering.” Concluded Sambo

Edited by Rhandzu Hlongwane