Somalian initiate in Xigalo village outside Malamulele. Photo by Otto Ngobeni

By: Otto Ngobeni

MEC for cooperative governance, human settlements and traditional affairs (Coghsta) in Limpopo, Makoma Makhurupetje briefed media on the initiation school season that closed recently in Polokwane in the early hours of Monday (24 July 2017).

Kgoshi Manendezhe raised a point indicating that the reason they experienced death free initiation school season was because there were age limits for initiates admitted. Only boys from 18 years were allowed to participate.

“Boys above 18 years can make a decision whether they want to go to initiation school or not.” says Manendenzhe

Kgosi Sekororo when asked about the bogus initiation school that was spotted and closed in Musina, he blamed it on lack of a chief to take responsibility to oversee the implementation of any initiation school.

“illigal initiation school in Musina has always been a concern because there is no Chief in that area.” Sekororo said.

Makhurupetje says if someone wants to conduct an initiation school, they must comply with the law and make it a point that they apply in time in order for them to acquire the permits.

“Permit for initiation school is free”. Emphasised the MEC

MEC Makhurupetje has congratulated all parents who took their children to legal traditional initiation schools where Limpopo had 269 legal schools and 1 bogus in Musina and another 1 in Makhuva Village which was closed after some negotiations between the community members and their traditional leader.

Furthermore Makhurupetje has also commended parents for also watching out for illegal initiation schools.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Provincial Task team on Initiation led By Hosi Eric Chauke.” says MEC

One of the unusual facts about this year’s initiation season was seeing 3 Foreigners from Somalia taking part in the Shigalo initiation school outside Malamulele.

Edited by : Rhandzu Hlungwani