Photo by Ernest Mabasa

By: Ernest Mabasa

African National Congress (ANC), Ward 16 Sport Day Tournament Organiser Ray Hlungwani has encouraged youth to participate in sports activities to keep fit and healthy on Friday in Dumela Village outside Malamulele.

Hlungwani was speaking to Giyani View after the successfully hosting variety of sports in Dumela Village at HotBeans sports ground. Sports that were played included Soccer, Netball Marathon and women football.

The ward 16 sport day tournament aimed at bringing young people together in the area in the year of Oliver Tambo. He said the tournament was important to the people in the area and to the African National Congress (ANC).

“Today’s tournament was inspired by ANC’s Year of Oliver Tambo. This is our way of showing respect to the late Oliver Tambo. We are bringing sports home. This is going to happen annually, but it will take place from different villages. Next year could be Muswane Village . We have taken Muswane, Bulwini, Xihosani and Nhombelani and brought them together which shows good  relationship as community in one ward. We wanted young people to showcase talents,” Hlungwani said.

Muswani resident Hundzukani Mashaba said he hope to grow even bigger and stronger to empower youth who are substance addicts in the area.

“I feel very good and excited because today we have came together to enjoy different sports as neighbouring villagers. The importance of the tournament is to keep relationship good. We are united in the ward. This tournament is going to be big we just need sponsorships,” he said.

Xihosani Santos won the championship in soccer and Muswane netball team won the Netball championship. Xihosani Santos walked away with R700 and Muswane with R300.