Minister of Public Service and Administration Ms Faith Muthambi. Photo by Zwavhudi Tshisudzungwane.

By: Zwavhudi Tshisudzungwane

MHINGA –  The University of Venda’s  Institute for Rural Development (IRD) and Vhembe District Water and Sanitation Unit hosted a Symposium on good sanitation at the Mhinga Sports Ground on Friday,18 August 2017.

The gathering was held to look into the need to improve access to water, quality, utilization, and the provision of well-maintained infrastructure.

The symposium was held under the theme, ‘Cleaning Minds and Triggering Sustainable Human Action’.

The minister of Public Service and Administration Ms Faith Muthambi, who was in attendance, said it was important to educate communities about the importance of water and its resources. “There is no life without water. Life is difficult without it. We are a water-scarce country,” she said.

“The Mhinga area is very dry. Let’s use water sparingly. We have an obligation to protect the Mhinga dam, the Nandoni dam and all the rivers from pollution.” She went to say that government has mounted massive efforts to improve water provision in this area.

The minister also gave a word of advice to members of the community not to throw disposable nappies everywhere as this may cause health hazards. “When heavy rainfall comes, those disposable nappies are going to be flooded in our rivers and dams,” she said.

Director of the Institute for Rural Development, Prof Joseph Francis, said the partnership between his institute and the Vhembe Adopt- A -River -Forum aimed to promote improved environmental health, protection of water sources and facilitating rural development through various grassroots and community-driven initiatives.

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