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By: Otto Ngoveni

THOHOYANDOU – Trial of a Limpopo former female traffic cop, Masingita Chavani accused of being linked to the kidnapping and murder of a teenage mother and her baby in 2015 has been postponed to the 1st of September 2017 by the Thohoyandou High Court in Limpopo.

During her appearance on Friday the 25th of August, a doctor gave testimony in court after it emerged in the police investigations that the former traffic Cop lied about being pregnant prior to the disappearance of Hlulani Maswanganyi (17) and her newly born baby.

According to the evidence presented in court the accused who is 45 years old is accused of taking Maswanganyi’s baby and pretending as if it was her own following the alleged murder in 2015.

In June Chavani’s co-accused Steve Sithole was sentenced to 25 years by the same court after confessing that Hlulani Maswanganyi was murdered. Maswanganyi’s family and community members from Xikundu village outside Malamulele were protesting outside the court calling for the harsh sentence to be given to the former female Cop.

Maswanganyi’s body is yet to be found. Her baby has been found following the arrest of the Former Cop who was also a well known Priest in the community.

Saselamane police Spokesperson Warrant Officer, Samuel Matsimbe said, the accused daughter, Vutlari Chavani gave testimony that her mother was the last person to be seen with the victim and the toddler on the 5th of September 2015, again the accused’s husband said he saw his wife with a toddler who was crying very much and Chavani refused to breastfeed the baby.

Chavani’s co-accused, Steven Sithole who’s now standing as a state witness, said they’ve killed Maswanganyi and threw her body inside the dam and that during the incident, Chavani took Sithole’s phone to hide evidence.

The police were greatful that the Xikundu residents didn’t commit any violent crimes during the trial, Chavani is still in custody.

Edited by Rhandzu Hlungwane