Triphina Nsati- muni Nkuna. Photo: Blessing Mabunda. Boti- majuly: photo supplied/Facebook

By: Blessing Mabunda

July Mabunda (50) who originally hails from Ka- Ndhambhi wa Dzumeri outside Giyani has dominated the internet recently when he infamously used profane words on his aunt, Khubani Mbhiza (77) on a video which has gone viral on social media, labelled as “loyi, mhe angani lahli” which can be loosely translated as “this one shouldn’t bother about attending my funeral”.

Boti- majuly’s quotes are now contained on a musical single titled Bambeni. They include quotes such as  Nghweza leyi, A vula mina, Va tsaka heyi, as well as O va mulungu yena.

Boti July’s family has a different view about him. Giyani View spoke to Triphina Nkuna (44) who is in one of the videos wherein her name has been mentioned recklessly.

“I strongly condemn the manner in which Uncle July mentioned my name in that video. I’m a mother of five adult children, and when my name is being mentioned in such disrespectful manner it doesn’t only affect me as an individual but also my children who are old enough to differentiate between good and bad”, Nkuna said.

Nkuna has refuted the idea that she too has become famous after her name was mentioned in a video. “It really worked out for him (July), because everywhere he goes people are taking selfies with him. A week back, he was performing with the likes of Tirhani Mabasa at Malamulele stadium”, she said.

Nkuna further revealed that if the affected parties should lay a blame for damage on their reputations, Dance Makhubele (28), who is the son of the legendary xitsonga artist H.W Makhubele, should be the person to blame after he allegedly posted the videos on the internet for Boti- majuly.

“Makhubele did it deliberately because he knows that malume (uncle) is a psychiatric patient”, she added.
Another complainant Kokwani Mbhiza, told Giyani View that she was disappointed that Makhubele had the nerve to record those videos, and shared them on Internet.


“If I were his mother, he would’ve thought about it,  that it’s not going to be good to me. The fact that I don’t have a son, doesn’t mean people can do anything they like about me. My brothers called me after learning about the videos on the internet, and they advised me to lay a charge against Makhubele, but because I have a healthy relationship with his parents, I said no, it’s fine”, Kokwani Mbhiza said.

Majomela Nkuna (82)  who is an ancle to Boti-majuly said the reason why Boti- majuly had to relocate in Bambeni village outside Giyani, was that he had no one to look after him at Ndhambhi village since he suffered from a mental illness.

“It’s a shocking story that people are enjoying it when he is busy swearing at us like nobody’s business. He can’t just shoot to fame by using our names. We are his only surviving blood relatives”, concluded Nkuna.

“People should know that July called me after those who asked him to relocate to Bambeni village died, and he was left with no one to look after him. He became my responsibility from that day. We were living in this compound, until he decided to move out and built his one room just opposite”, Kokwani Mbhiza concluded.

Makhubele could not be reached for a comment.