[Opinion] Topic- is the ANC doing enough to deal with the demon of tribalism?

Rivalani Myambo is a Columnist Freelancer and Journalist.
By: Rivalani Myambo
Listening to the opening remarks of Limpopo Premier and ANC provincial Chairman Stanley Chupu Mathabatha while introducing Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa during the COSATU Rally held in Seshego recently saying that ” those who harbour the same view must know that the ANC is not a tribal organisation. The ANC does not belong to a particular province or family.
It belongs to us all,”which many believed that he was referring to President Jacob Zuma who hails from Kwazulu-Natal province and who is endorsing his former wife Dr Nkosazana  Dlamini-Zuma. Mathabatha’s sentiments or comments have left tongues wagging lebbeling him tribalist and regionalist.
This led to ANC armed wing MKVA rebuking him and telling him that he needs ‘political education ‘ because the ANC resolution in the 53rd Magaung conference held in 2012.  In its one of the resolution  or policy is fighting against ‘Tribalism ‘ and ‘Racism’. This simple means building a non-tribal and non-racist government.
MKVA also states that this sentiments is the one that lead to political unrest in Vuwani and Malamulele area were people from Vuwani refused to be part of the merger municipality with Malamulele and Hlanganani municipality because they don’t want to be mingling with ‘Xibelani’.  Xibelani – is a traditional dress which is used by Tsonga speaking women on their waists to dance.
The political unrest led to 29 schools and government infrastructure estimated to be R500 million rand been burned down and vandalised in Vuwani area and 13 schools been burned down in Malamulele area. Mathabatha also said the last time the ANC had a president from Limpopo was in 1917 when the party elected Sefako Makgatho as party president.
The statement, was however constructed by many who said it was in reference of Ramaphosa whose ancestors comes from Limpopo. Mathabatha has been linked to Ramaphosa lobby group called CR17.
This also didn’t Sit well with MKVA who said in Statement that both Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela hailed from the Eastern Cape and indicated that the leader is not elected by where comes from but by ability and leadership qualities. During Vuwani violence protests Mathabatha has tweeted that ” he understands the problems of people of Vuwani. ” this was later viewed by people from Malamulele that he has chosen a side or to side with people of Vuwani rather than finding solution so that people of both Vuwani and Malamulele people can stay together in peace and Harmony.
In 2012, The ANC in Limpopo compiled a document that warned ANC members against tribalism within the ANC. The document was compiled by the former Mopani Regional Chairman and ANCYL Chairman Joshua Matlou were he has inherited three former Bantu Stand or homelands namely:  Gazankulu for Xitsonga speaking people, Lebowa for sepedi speaking people and Venda for tshivenda speaking people.
Mathabatha’s sentiments has left many of us with question that is the ANC doing enough to fight against the demon of Tribalism? This has also escalated to National politics were some senior members states that they will never want to be ran by Zulu speaking people some saying they can’t be ran by Tshivenda speaking and some saying they can’t be led by Xhosa speaking person. This demon has also escalated to government were people are hired or get employment because of tribe .