Photo by Blessing Mabunda

By: Blessing Mabunda

Cement and related products supplier PPC on Tuesday embarked on an initiative to supply mobile science and IT labs to underprivileged schools throughout the country.

This time around at least 25 tablets, a mobile science and IT labs were donated to Bambeni secondary school outside Giyani.
Since July 2016 the company, in collaboration with the project partner, Diebold Nixdorf, has been handing over mobile science and IT labs. To date, the partnership has resulted in over 16 mobile science and IT labs being handed over to various schools.

Goodwill Zulu, area manager at PPC said Bambeni secondary school is one of the three schools identified in the Limpopo region.
“We have been monitoring the school performance, and they’re doing well in their matric results. The Mobile Science and IT Lab initiative was developed by PPC in direct response to supporting talented budding scientists, providing them with the tools to develop their skills”, Zulu said.

Kabira Akoob, CSI manager at PPC said “through our understanding of the challenges that both educators and learners face with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related subjects, we were encouraged to continue playing our part in giving them a space to excel in this field.

Over 10 000 learners countrywide have already benefited, opening up their career paths to becoming South Africa’s next generation of engineers, scientists and technicians”.
The lab is a self-sufficient portable structure on wheels which incorporates both technology (computers) and science equipment needed to conduct experiments covered in the high school science and technology syllabuses, Zulu added.

Bambeni secondary school principal, Brenda Mapengo said the mobile science and IT lab will help to shape the future of the pupils, improving their career paths.


“I’m grateful that the school will do much better from today, and as educators, we have all the necessary resources to help these pupils to shape their career paths”, Mapengo concluded.
SGB chairperson, Glydese Nkuna said the community of Bambeni at large is grateful for the learning opportunity given to the children of Bambeni village.

“The future looks bright, and it’s up to our children to make use of these resources, and they have no excuse for not getting better results”, Nkuna added