Annah Sombhani lives with her six undocumented children. Photo Supplied/ PPD. 

By: Angie Nkuna

Blessed is the hand that gives- Matimu Evidence Baloyi, (24) from Ndindani village east of Giyani took a major stand when he donated food parcels, and encouraged pupils in the village to do well in the 2017 academic year.

Baloyi, founder of the Pfukani Program Development (PPD) said he has been endorsed by fellow community members for the great work he is doing in the village.

Community member, Nyiko Chabalala said the village is very blessed to have a community hero like Baloyi, who works to improve the lives of those in need.

Baloyi, who is doing his 3rd year in Language Practice, specializing in translation and editing at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), said he started the project to fight hunger and improve the lives of those who live in poverty in Ndindani village.

“The village is one of those that are not exposed to technology. The youth aren’t computer literate, and we are helping them to get basic skills”, Baloyi  said.

In January this year, the PPD awarded certificates to a group of top ten pupils of Magome primary school to encourage them to do well in the 2017 academic year.

Baloyi said they have assumed responsibility to help grade 12 pupils with university registrations.

“We don’t necessarily pay for their application fees, but we help them to get relevant information about university admission procedures”. Poverty and lack of information are the main focus of the organization. “It breaks my heart to see people, especially from my community, suffering. In January this year we bought food parcels for Mhani Sombhani after learning about her situation”.

Giyani View was told that Anna Sombhani’s situation had become untenable after her husband died two years ago. Mhani Sombhani lives with her six undocumented children.

Baloyi said the main challenge facing the organisation is the lack of funds. The organisation can be contacted on: 073 919 6535


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