Photo: Otto Ngoveni

By: Otto Ngoveni

GIYANI – The Giyani Magistrate’s court had its Open Court Day on Thursday the 21th of September 2017.

During the event, Grade 12 learners from different schools in the Greater Giyani Municipality, went through the processes on how the country’s justice works on a day to day basis.

Learners from Risinga High, Khanyisa Education Centre, Gija-Ngove High, Famanda High, Hanyani-Thomo High and Hivuyeriwile High showed interest on how the justice system works and treats different types of crimes ranging from minor to serious offences. Coincidentally these learners met with University of Limpopo law students who also went to observe the processes.

Caroline Chauke from Famandha High School said she gained adequet knowledge on how the justice works and she is willing to persuade a career in Law.
“I’ve learnt a lot and became impressed on how the attorneys apply their skills, also their uniforms (gowns) and their salaries as well”,said Chauke.


Another learner Nsuku Mavasa said she also gained a lot of knowledge on the LLB degree and also felt pity for those who were prosecuted in the presence of visiting students.

“I never thought this career path had so many options in it and am certain that my future lies with prosecution,” said Mavasa.
One of the teachers, Mrs Shivuri from Famandha High School, said she knew that what the learners saw on that day would eventually motivate them to work harder in their studies.

“I think the session made a huge impact as they have seen how uncomfortable the holding cells are and with that am certain that crime stats will drop,”said Shivuri.

Regional court magistrate, Mr Ratshibvumo led the whole event and afforded all learners a chance to attend his court to see him in action, and even answered the questions asked by learners.

Different court officials from senior magistrates, Public Prosecutors, Defence Lawyers, Court Interpreters, Court Clerks, Court Orderlies and Administrative staff attended the event to provide further information to the learners.

Learners went through the processes from Entry to the system (Arrest) to the Trial Process (in court) then imprisonment.