Photo by Zwavhudi Tshisudzungwane

By: Zwavhudi Tshisudzungwane

“Batho Pele Day presents an opportunity for government to provide a detailed account on what has been done, and what still needs to be done, to better the lives of all citizens of our province,” said the mayor of the Makhado Local Municipality, Cllr Shonisani Sinyosi.

She was speaking during the Batho Pele Day at Fhembeledzani Primary School in Waterpoort on Friday.

Sinyosi said service delivery is about people and people must come first and the rest shall follow. “Today is a special day, because we are recommitting that our residents must come first. Service delivery is not only about water, housing, jobs, roads, electricity or sanitation,” she added.

Batho Pele is a people’s driven public service improvement programme, anchored on eight principles: consultation, service standards, access to services, courtesy, information, openness and transparency, redress, and value for money.

Sinyosi further said everyone in the municipality and all other spheres of government was expected to internalise all these principles. “To provide quality roads, water, jobs, sanitation, housing, electricity and other services requires much more than the commitment of councillors in a municipality, as it also demands skills and the availability of municipal official and all public servants to perform their designated functions and duties from time to time,” she added.

Sinyosi also mentioned that public servants are expected to always act in accordance with various codes of good practice which governs ethics and good conduct. “It is our stated intention as government to see to it that, these gatherings do not just end up as meaningless talk shows. It must be productively as solution driven platforms, where citizens also get solutions to some of their problems,” she said.

“We find it regrettable that the good work being done by this government is being tainted by few corrupt elements, within the public service who have no respect for our public resources,” Sinyosi concluded.