By: Blessing Mabunda and Angie Nkuna

GIYANI- SABC 2 Xitsonga weather anchor, and Humba Communication Director, Tirhani Mabasa is likely to lose the deal to manage July Hlupheka Mabunda (59), well-known to his fans as Boti-Majuly- #YenaAyakwini trend owner despite being endorsed by at least 131 followers on Twitter.

Giyani View understands that Boti-majuly’s family was at loggerheads with Mabasa after learning the allegations that Mabasa might be benefiting from Boti-Majuly’s fortunes transpired.

However, Mabasa has on Monday rubbished the allegations as fabrication.
On that day, Boti-majuly’s younger brother Godfrey Fanyani Mabunda (32) opened discussions with Mabasa, allegedly demanding to be privy of Boti-Majuly’s daily performance rate.

Mabunda alleged his brother had been milked by those who were managing him.
Fanyani further claimed he had discussions with the likes of Benny Mayengani who allegedly argued Boti-Majuly had been used.

“On Monday, Benny called me, and we met in Tembisa, Gauteng before I left for Witbank, Mpumalanga. He then phoned the Mapungubwe organisers asking them to withhold the payment which was supposed to be made today (Monday) to Tirhani’s Bank account.).

Mayengani told Giyani View on Tuesday that he had no intention to manage Boti-Majuly. “I’m not a manager myself; I’m a musician. I’m managed by King Chauke myself. I can’t make time to manage someone because I’m overloaded with school work; my job in the Johannesburg local government as a PR Councillor, my career as a musician. I’m doing my first year at University of Johannesburg (UJ),”he said.

Mayengani added that he was touched to learn that Kokwani July received R1000 out of the fortunes he makes during his performances. “People need to understand that it’s not about who will manage him. He can be managed by an angel of God, but if he still receives R1000 his family will be concerned.

Mayengani refuted claims that he called Majuly. “I didn’t call him, but he called me. I trust that you saw the video clip which circulated on social media in which he was asking for my help. Why did he want me to help him?” asked Mayengani. On Monday morning, Boti-Majuly called me early in the morning and he explained to me that he is no longer interested in Tirhani.

I told his aunt, Violent Rikhotso (during a phone call) and Fanyani that they should be contacting Tirhani because I don’t want to fight someone’s battles. Dance Makhubele also called me and complained about everything,” claimed Mayengani.

“I told Tirhani that she should buy clothes for him because it wasn’t helping to see him wearing ‘ti-Tommy’, and after she bought some for him people started putting him as their profile pictures (on their social media).

“I can’t be going all around telling the media what I have done to those who are in need. There’s a difference between charity and buying a bread for someone who is in need. I bought clothes for Boti-Majuly, but on Face book I posted that I’m shopping with him,” claimed Mayengani.

During the interview with Giyani View on Monday Mabasa said she was working hand in hand with Makhubele. “I have deposited him R400 just recently for him to buy data,” claimed Mabasa.
However, Makhubele has denied that he called Mayengani and that Mabasa has deposited him R400 to buy data. “The only time I have received airtime from Tirhani was when she wanted me to send her some video clips of Boti-Majuly.

“Tirhani is using Boti-Majuly for her own benefit. She can talk to him over the phone when I’m not around. Before she even talks to him, she will ask if I’m not around or not. It’s the reason that they did a protection order to keep me away from July because he can’t read,” claimed Makhubele.

Makhubele alleged Tirhani and Marhungani were to be blamed for benefiting from July’s fortunes. “People used to contact me before but now Tirhani took me out,” alleged Makhubele.
Mabasa said she was waiting for Boti-Majuly’s aunt, Rikhotso, to terminate the agreement between her and Boti-Majuly.