Kokwani Tsatsawani N’wamashila during her 100th birthday party in 2012. Photo by Alpheus Mabasa.

By: Alpheus Mabasa

MALAMULELE- Kokwani Tsatsawani N’wamashila is feeling thankful to God for adding another 5 years after her 100th birthday party in 2012. N’wamashila turned 105 years on the 22nd of December 2017.

Turning 105 is one the rarest blessing in this century but Kokwani Tsatsawani made it. She was born in Tengwe, a village in Venda in 1912 and got married to Wiliam Ndhengeza Hobyane at the Age of 19.

An energetic N’wamashila said ” Jealous, stress and hatred add problems in your heart and you will die early so I thank God for such an amazing blessing. Many people wish they had such a blessing, but their wrongdoings closed their luck.” She said



She is blessed with 3 children and 15 grandchildren. Her children and grandchildren celebrated her 105 birthday last December.
James Hobyane, the only male child of N’wamashila said his mother deserves another 100 years of living.

“She doesn’t store any rubbish in her heart, she doesn’t have any hatred to her children’s grandchildren, relatives and neighbours, she’s adorable”. Said Hobyane

Many people who are close to her gave positive testimonies about her life. The family is wishing her to see another 100 years.