Bambeni secondary school in Bambeni village, Giyani. Photo by Blessing Mabunda.

By: Angie Nkuna

GIYANI- On Thursday morning as schools kicked the 2nd day since they re- opened yesterday, it was a different story all together for Bambeni secondary pupils in Giyani when the school principal, Brenda Mapengo denied learners with German hairstyle to make their way into the school premises.

Mapengo arrived at the school at 6am before everyone and started to do hair inspection and a multitude of pupils with German haircut were sent back home to rearrange their hair.

Speaking to Giyani View, Mapengo said the school understands that children have rights and the school respects that.

“We are against German haircut, because some of these pupils are over doing their hairstyles, have arrows and dye their hairs. They should have uniform when cutting their hairstyles, it must be neat.” Concluded Mapengo.

Some of the pupils told Giyani View a different story that, the school principal told them that no learner is allowed into the school premises with any hairstyle, police cut or German haircut.
A multitude of learners tried to confront a member of SGB who stays opposite to the school premises, but their efforts were fruitless as they were told to go cut their hair.

And some of the pupils who were sent back home, were spotted before short break at 9am this morning with ‘chiskops’ and police haircut.

Meanwhile, the Department of Basic Education has strongly condemned the manner in which principal, Brenda Mapengo conducted herself this morning.

The Department Spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga said “a school is not allowed to deny a learner access to education for any reason whatsoever.

“If a school’s code of conduct discriminates based on the learners’ hair then the school needs to ensure that they revise the document, so it is in line with the constitution.

“In this case the learner and parent or guardian must immediately report the matter to the district office for urgent assistance.” Concluded Mhlanga