Former Mughana Lonene FM DJ, Zitha Difference- Junior. Photo supplied/ Facebook.

By: Blessing Mabunda

GIYANI – Concerned former Mughana Lonene FM DJ, Zitha Difference -Junior (33) has thanked the neighborhood​ of Giyani at large and his family for their support and sympathy.

theMYSTIKJ as he is well known to his Munghana loyal listeners expressed his departure from SABC owned radio station, Munghana as the most difficult decision he had to take, to save mankind and the Airwaves Business.

“I give thanks and praises to (JAH-JAH, Qadamawe God Almighty ) for his eternal love as well as the support from my family, and the community of Bambeni. I had suffered a serious humiliation after learning the joke presented to me by the managers.

“If I didn’t know Yahshua Khristos (Jesus Christ) Our Lord and Saviour whom I happen to carry and proclaim his ancient Royal Name as HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY (H.I.M), Emperor Haile Selassie I The 1st; Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah, King of Kings reigning on Salmonic Dynasty as Roots of David; to be honest i wouldn’t have been here today.” He said.

theMYSTIKJ was on October 2015 charged by Munghana for turbulent when he was alleged to have continued to play unscheduled music.

Munghana hasn’t hesitated to terminate Zitha’s Independent Contract with immediate effect though there were neither witness or accusers nor supporting documents.

The controversy started when Mughana referred Zitha to clause 13 of 2012 Independent Contract which SABC and Zitha had agreed on.

According to clause 13 which Zitha has been referred to, it reads as follows:


13.1 The SABC and the independent contractor shall not disclose to any third party any confidential, Business or future plans of the other party acquired at any time during the currency of this contract and no reference is to be made to the terms of this contract by either party in any Advertising, publicity or promotional material without the prior written consent of the other party.”

Giyani View after learning clause 13 asked to see the termination letter of the contract and only to realise that indeed Zitha has been referred to clause 13 which states a total different of which is in the termination letter.

The termination letter reads as follows:

“It has come to the attention of Mughana Lonene FM management that you contravened the conditions of your services. Despite several warnings, you still continued to disregard the scheduled music and played unscheduled music.

“Management has carefully considered your action and took a decision to terminate your independent contract with radio division (Mughana Lonene FM), with effect from 15 October 2015 as per clause 13 of the independent contract.”

Zitha had two more Independent Contracts with SABC News Division and Airtime Sales Division which he was voice over artist and was also terminated without a tangible reason provided by the SABC but instead the clause 13 was brought back.

SABC News division letter reads as follows:
“It has come to the news division management’s attention that you contradicted the conditions of your services and subsequently your independent contract has been terminated.

“Management has carefully considered these report and decided to terminate your independent contact with news division, entered into with effect from 27 October 2015. In terms of clause 13.”

Giyani View has been highly informed that Zitha just like other Mughana DJs with a speciality Programme he was involved in the compliation of music for his Saturday show, ‘AHIXUXENI’ #JAHFIREBLAZE REGGAE SESSION which is a main culprit of Zitha’s axing.

Zitha had 3 shows he was doing and sometimes helped to produce other shows at Mughana.

Speaking to Giyani View, concerned theMYSTIKJ said “with all due respect to the management of SABC and the leaders at Mughana, the reason why I didn’t challenge the decision even though it still not making any sense is that, I don’t want to give a wrong impression to up coming radio DJ’s, or ruin the reputation of the station xa hina Vatsonga/Mchangani.

“I humble request that the station reimburse me for the remainder of the contracts and the humiliation which I have gone through and also to provide me with copies of all my tapes since I have started in 2008. The tapes are vital and important to my children.” Zitha pleaded.

In Giyani View’s effort to get reach for Million Mabunda of Munghana to get Zitha’s Snoop Sessions (his work rates) were fruitless.

When Zitha was asked if he may consider re-applying or going back to Munghana he ensured that he will only return to SABC if listeners still want him back, and push his way back in.

SABC spokesperson, Kaizer Kganyago didn’t answer the question that who hires and fires at SABC after Giyani View learned that Zitha was fired by former Munghana station manager, James Shikwambani not SABC Limpopo Human Resource, although he (Zitha) said he was forced to opt for resignation as the last point of departure.

Kganyago said SABC doesn’t engage its internal issues in the public domain, and encourages individuals who feels that they have been unfairly treated to appeal the decision taken against them.

“It doesn’t matter who was involved or not a part of the panel that explained to Zitha his termination of the contracts because the decision taken by those individuals represent SABC. He (Zitha) can appeal the decision by the SABC.

“Many people have done it before, and they were reinstated in their positions. We have a committee at SABC that deals with this kind of issues. He can first take it with the committee and if he feels like he isn’t satisfied he can take it to further to CCMA.” Concluded Kganyago.