ANC president,  Cyril Ramaphosa addressing Vatsonga chiefs during the national visit to Limpopo.  Photo by Blessing Mabunda. 

By: Blessing Mabunda

The African National Congress, South Africa’s governing party and national liberation movement (ANC) national officials led by the movement’s President, Cyril Ramaphosa had visited Limpopo province over the weekend.

Ramaphosa met VhaVhenda King, Ba-Pedi King, BaLobedu Queen and Tsonga Chiefs.



On Saturday the National Officials met with Vha-Vhenda King, Tony Ramabulana at the Royal House, Dzanani and proceed to Mavambe village outside Giyani where he met Vatsonga chiefs.

Ramaphosa said the ANC should use this combination to take the country forward. “Each one of us here, had our own views. Delegates elected a great combination of leaders, gifted in different ways.

“The ANC conference was successful. It successfully elected the leadership. We held ANC 54 Conference, many thought this would be the last Conference. We defied all predictions. The ANC is back.

“It took us 82 years to get into government. You traditional leaders were part of motive force that enabled us to be victorious in 1994. We have a heritage. We have roots. We are not a “Mafikizolo”. You are a layer that holds “the tree” the ANC in place.

“Our purpose is to reconnect with you, traditional leaders, as a core of people who originated the ANC.” Said Ramaphosa

ANC General Secretary, Ace Magashule who finds it difficult to make a pronouncement that Ramaphosa is the ANC president after telling enca reporter that President Jacob Zuma is the president of the ANC and the country he said they have started with the revolutionary pilgrimage to reconnect with the people.

“We are coming back to meet our people to listen to their issues as the ANC goes on to solve their problems. We are already in a campaign mode. We are gearing up the ANC for the next elections. We want to win overwhelmingly.

“The agenda we are pushing is that of the renewal of the ANC and South Africa. We are united. We are preaching agenda of unity because that is what people want. The King also said, “We want a united ANC”

“We took decisions that are forward looking. These are decisions that will move South Africa forward.

“We took decisions on how we will deal with poverty and address unemployment and inequality. We took very important decisions that are meant to take South Africa forward. Decisions about economy, land, health, infrastructure, etc…

“We are going to 2019 Elections, we came to ask for permission in advance to campaign. We’ve been granted permission by the King.” Said Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa concluded the national visit to Limpopo on Sunday after meeting BaPedi King and BaLobedu Queen.