Candy “TsaMandebele” Mokoena. Photo by Otto Ngoveni. 

By: Otto Ngoveni

Abel village in the Greater Letaba Municipality was honoured on Thursday the 8th of February 2018 by the visit from a group of individuals that came to donate school uniforms in Abel Secondary school.

The group of donors was organised and led by one of the residents who is a former professional soccer star, Tebogo Monyai and Kori Seshoene who is also a resident in the village.

The programme saw the presence of transport company of Xilumani Coaches, ZamaZama Communications, Candy “TsaMandebele” Mokoena, Greater Letaba Municipality and representatives from Molototsi circuit and other stakeholders.

The vision-bearer, who’s a former Tuks captain, Tebogo Monyai said they are donating because they want to make education fashionable in their area and to make sure learners treat education with respect.

“We wish to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich when it comes to education by donating uniforms to the needy.” Said Monyai

Xilumani Coaches managing director Howard Mashaba encouraged the learners to appreciate what was brought to them by committing themselves in their education.



“During our times, education was the first priority, but unfortunately there weren’t people who were willing to support by donating uniforms or motivating us.” Said Mashaba

Musa Mathebula from Xilumani Coaches outlined that education is the key that’s why they took a decision to support the initiative.

“As long as we get adequate support from communities, we’ll continue sharing the least we have with learners.” Said Mathebula.

The acting mayor of Greater Letaba, Cllr Maeko Melita congratulated the vision-bearers for the hard work and kindness they’ve displayed.

Candy “TsaMandebele” Mokoena encouraged learners to nurture their own talents while considering school as a major aspect of life and using her own background as an example.
“Once you have a dream, make sure you follow your dream with all that you have and never rest before you get what your heart deserve and desire.” Said Candy