Parents fume against the use of Marijuana in their village

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By: Angie Nkuna

GIYANI- Following the allegations that the use of marijuana and other drug substance in Bambeni village in Giyani has gained momentum made a group of angry parents to propose to have an abolished corporal punishment to be reinforced.

Speaking on Sunday during the community public meeting, the parents stressed that their children aren’t prioritising education like their neighbouring villagers, Mageva village which received 80% pass rate during the 2017 matric results.



Some parents argued that Nghonyama high school in Mageva village still produced good matric results compared to Bambeni Secondary school which achieved 52% pass rate in recent matric results.

Lack of resources and qualified educators in Physical science, Mathematics, Life science were also an area of concerns.

The school doesn’t offer Accounting related subjects due to lack of qualified educators. The last time the school offered Accounting related subjects was between 1998 and 2010.

“We should propose to have a school policy that will regulate the behaviour at Bambeni Secondary school, the use of substance is our biggest obstacle faced by this community.

“If it means to have the abolished corporal punishment enforced better it be, we need to invite whatever department; justice or education to come to party in this community because we need to get rid of this dilemma before us,” said Million Mavunda.

Jeffery Mchavi shared his experiences during his days and cohorts at Nghonyama high school that at some stage Bambeni pupils who attended their high school at Nghonyama high before 1998 were used to be mocked by educators that they chose Xigubu ( Vatsonga traditional dance) before education.

“I feel sorry for our children because they seemingly not taking their future serious and this resembles exactly what these people are mocking us with.” Fumed Mchavi.

PPC in October last year has donated science and computer labs to Bambeni secondary school, after the school achieved between 75 and 89% matric pass rates from 2011 to 2016.
Giyani View has learned that the resource will be in full force in 2018 academic year.

The school has produced better matric results since Brenda Mapengo has took over as a school principal seven years ago.

Limpopo police said “members of the community especially parents, Educators and the School Governing Bodies (SGB, are advised and encouraged to ensure that children are not in possession of any drug substance or armed with any type of weapon while going to school and while they are within the school premises.

“The SAPS in this province has embarked on an ongoing school safety programme to prevent gangsterism and bullying in all the schools.

“These campaigns are significant as they are ongoing. All members of the community are encouraged to participate effectively in this program including from home,” said LT. Colonel Moatshe’ Ngoepe.