Writes Rivalani Myambo

After the much anticipated 54th ANC has come and gone. The media, political commentators and critics across the country has said that the will be blood on the conference as one slates will win over the other slate as what we have seen in the Branch General Councils (BGM’s), Regional General Councils (RGC’s) and Provincial General Councils (PGC’s) of course also in the Eastern Cape Provincial conference were Chairs were flying high and the Current ANC President who was then a deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa dubbed it’ The Festival of chairs ‘.

However, it was not like that, history was made and two slates managed to combine the two slates which were Cyril Ramaphosa slates and former AU Chairwoman Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma in what many believes that Mpumalanga Premier David’ DD’ Mabuza is the one who orchestrated this move in order to forge ‘Unity’ within the ANC but it’s not the case with the ANC KZN PEC, they are feeling that Mabuza has sold ‘unity’ and betrayed them. He promised them that they should vote for him and he will force his delegates to vote for Dlamini – Zuma who the KZN province endorsed.

The question that is in everyone’s mouth, Is can this ‘Unity ‘ be achieved or people will just sing this ‘unit’ and their actions say the other? We all know that the ANC is a fractured party and Factionalism is the main root cause. Comrades all want to it and corruption is one of the other factors. The politician will only think for themselves and not for other people, that is the reason they can do anything just for their stomachs hence others they call it Stomach politics.

Over the Weekend the ANC NEC Legotla were various issues and road map was discussed and amongst other issues was the issue of recalling President Jacob Zuma and this motion was presented by Dr David Masondo who is one of the CR17 Lieutenants, but was later rejected by voters, which so many of President Jacob Zuma loyalist coming to his defense stating that if they recall President Jacob Zuma now the party will be divided and one of the resolutions taken in Nasrec was to unite the organization.



Another factor was the issue of the nominations by the National Working Committee (NWC), that saw many of CR 17 Camp members dominating it and NDZ members been few and this led to CR17 supporters mocking and slamming the NDZ supporters that they are in charge. After the nominations of the top six in Nasrec many of CR17 supporters were not pleased with the outcome, especially after the announcing of the position of Secretary General which is occupied by former ANC Chairman and Premier Ace Magashule especially after the saga of the missing of 68 ballots which was later recovered.

Most people wanted Slate block votes, which will see Senzo Mchunu being the secretary over Magashule.

The ANC branches, Regions and Provinces are highly divided and to prove that they really are there was court cases that barred both the Free State and KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Executive Committees (PEC,’s) from voting and in Legotla the ANC NEC took the resolution to disband these two provinces and form Provincial Task Teams in order to forge this’ Unity ‘.

The question that is in everyone’s mouth is, Can the ANC really achieves this Unity they are talking about?… Let’s watch the space…. Rivalani mambo is a freelance Journalist and Social Activist based in Malamulele Giyani. Follow him on Twitter @RivalaniMyambo