Muyexe born-pastor accused of collapsing a nodal point of development in the village


Muyexe pilot project has collapsed. Photo supplied. 

By: Angie Nkuna

GIYANI- Former President, Jacob Zuma has identified Muyexe in Giyani as a nodal point of development in 2009 where millions of Rands have been squashed.

The Police station was built and completed in 2015 but till to date the station hasn’t been open. Residents told Giyani View that the station has now become a kraal for local goats.

Muyexe councillor, Afrika during the radio interview on Power Fm last year, claimed the Muyexe pilot project is almost complete when the project has collapsed.

According to Giyani View’s reliable source Muyexe born Pastor (known to Giyani View) who currently stays at Kremetart in Giyani is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the project, and he has been accused of being amongst those who allegedly collapsed the project when they looted millions of Rands.



“The pastor is involved in looting millions of the project. He saw the project as a business opportunity for him, he had the final say on what government should do and where for the people of the village.

“For instance, a conference hall was built in the bushes next to Mtititi because his guest house situated at the side and he will be benefiting every time when there’s conferences, people will be booking his guest house.

“We should have a tar-road by now at Muyexe but he (the pastor) channeled that the road should go through Mninginisi Block 2 via Mtititi than Muyexe, so that the tar-road will pass through his guest house and all this caused delays, but they eventually started the road construction (it will be paved, not tarred).

“in 2015 the tender was awarded to an experienced contractor who dug big holes in the road, and we have to avoid the road when going to Giyani town in fear of breaking our vehicles.

“The contractor failed dismally, and it was called-off until last year when he was re-appointed and continue digging big holes in the road, it looked promising though until now when he can’t start paving the road.” Alleged our source.

Giyani View has learned that the Limpopo Road Agency (LRA) isn’t responsible for the tender awarded to the contractor at Muyexe, but the contractor is hired by Greater Giyani Municipality.

Steven Mabunda wasn’t reached for a comment at the time of going to the press.