Nkomo-A rape suspect might have raped his daughter

Tsundzukani Midas Baloyi of Nkomo A village.  Photo by Giyani View.

By: Angie Nkuna 

GIYANI- Tsundzukani Midas Baloyi (23) who allegedly raped a one year-old-baby at Nkomo A village in Giyani has been denied bail by the Giyani Magistrate court.

Giyani View has been highly informed that Baloyi might face another charge after an incident which took place 3 years ago when another child was found raped and killed at Nkomo A village.

Preliminary reports claim that Baloyi might be linked to the incident.

Meanwhile, our source claims that in the night of the recent incident Baloyi left in the local tavern and took direction leading towards the one-year old victim’s house.



The very same night Baloyi allegedly called the mother of the victim who happened to be his ‘girlfriend’ and ignored his calls which led Baloyi to break into the house and stole 2 cell phones before he allegedly took the baby a distance away from home and raped her in the nearby bushes.

“Baloyi became a number one suspect after he was found with blood on his pants and immediately police were notified,” concluded our source.

Giyani police cluster spokesperson, LT. Col. Robert Netsiunda told Giyani View that the case has been postponed for further police investigations.