Surprise Bee is a rose growing from concrete

Siyandhani-born musician, Surprise Bee. Photo by Otto Ngoveni.  

By: Otto Ngoveni

GIYANI- A Siyandhani-born musician and poet Surprise Bee was born in a dusty street in Siyandhani village just 3 Kilometres away from Giyani town.
His love and inspiration for both music and poetry started while he was at a Sunday school at a tender age.

He grew up without his father, but that didn’t determine his journey even the mockery from other kids who had their father figures.



Hlahla Surprise Rikhotso (30) broke out his silent by releasing his first and only quality album “The Inaugaration” last year, which is becoming a household name featuring hit songs like “Mbilu ya mina” and “Thandiwe.”

“I am going to be the first unknown artist to win a Metro award as I have a huge support from KZN, Musina and Johannesburg.” He said.

He has now collaborated with yet another thrilling singer Mapele and released a hit single “Xidludla Boom Boom” which captured an unbelievable number of audience since it was released earlier this year.

His sterling voice earned him a signature at a record label “BhamJive which is owned and managed by Fumani Kalonga who is also from Siyandhani Village.

“With Xidludla Boom Boom” I can say beyond reasonable doubt that we are going to flood the whole music fraternity.” Bee said.

Surprise Bee’s music seeks to motivate and encourage youth to remain true to themselves for them to become great leaders of this country as he’s becoming one of the greatest Tsonga musicians who’s recognised almost every part of South Africa with his urban sounds of electro beats.