Ba-phalaborwa residents in fear after two murderers and rapists in loose


By: Angie Nkuna

PHALABORWA- Two rapists have managed to escape at the time they were transported to Phalaborwa for sentencing from Matashe prison in Venda.

Chris Matlou (27) who is facing charges of rape and murder and Jonathan Ngaoto (28) facing charges of rape managed to saw through the wire mesh of the police van and waited until the vehicle approached an intersection near Selwani where they jumped out and ran away.

It’s alleged that two constables from Phalaborwa were tasked with the transport of the prisoners from Venda to Phalaborwa. The incident occurred on Tuesday. 

The police constables allegedly noticed a man running on their rear-view mirror and turned the vehicle around by then, the suspects had already made it to the bushes.

According to reports members of the Phalaborwa CPF, Phalaborwa SAPS, Ofcolaco Farm Watch, Canine Security, Hoedspruit Farmwatch and Makutsi Anti-Poaching all assisted in the search which was eventually called off at 00:30 on Wednesday. 

Some of the residents in Ba-Phalaborwa took to WhatsApp group, ‘What’s new Ba-Phalaborwa’ questioning the escape of Matlou and Ngaoto.

How did the prisoners manage to enter the van with a saw blade on their person?

How did the constables in the van not hear them sawing through the wire mesh?

It is said that the suspects changed their clothes during their escape. Where did the clothes come from?

Why did the constables not shoot at the suspects when they noticed them escaping down the road?

Why did these two constables not wait at the crime scene?