Kokwani Misola’s ID mess

According to gogo Misola Ngoveni’s South African ID, she gave birth to her first born at the age of 8. Photo by Angie Nkuna. 

By: Angie Nkuna

GIYANI: A -61-year-old granny of Bambeni Village in Giyani, pleaded on several occasions to get her Identity Document (ID) fixed but it was a dismal failure as her pleads fell on deaf ears. According to gogo Misola Ngoveni’s South African ID, she gave birth to her first born at the age of 8.

Misola’s ID errors were (apparently by the department of Home Affairs) made in 1995 when she applied for it for the first time. She was born in 1957 but her ID book erroneously shows she was born in 1967.

Giyani View learnt that Misola is the youngest sibling to her brothers who were born after her according to our witnesses.

Muhlupheki Daniel Ngoveni (58) and Xidumi Samson Ngoveni (54) are Misola’s younger siblings. But because of the shocking error made the two are now her elder brothers.

“I was born in 1960, after she (Misola) was born. She is my elder sister and the fact that she had her first child in 1975 proves that she can’t be born in 1967.

“She tried countless times to have her ID book fixed. If you don’t have an educated child who can speak for you to the relevant stakeholders, your call will remain unanswered,” claims Muhlupheki.

Misola got married to her late husband, Mickson Mabunda in 1972 and they were blessed with 8 children and two of them have passed on.

Eric Mabunda, (47) who is her first-born child told Giyani view that he had learned about his mother’s ID errors last year. He said they tried to report the matter to the Department of Home Affairs where Misola was allegedly instructed to produce her birth certificate.
“I was disappointed that even the parents of those officials had no certificate my mother was told to produce. There is no one who was born in those years in these rural areas who still has his or her birth certificate.”

Mabunda furiously suggested a comparison on his ID book with his mother’s should be made to establish if the age difference was adding up. “Or do DNA test if necessary,” he fumed.

“I have tried everything and still I can’t get help and it’s the reason now I humble request Giyani View readers to help me get my ID book fixed because I’m not a foreigner in this country; It’s my country of birth,” concluded Misola.

Our efforts to get a comment from the Department of Home Affairs were fruitless.

Please, if you could help Kokwani Misola, contact us on 081 097 4701 or email us to editor.giyaniview@mailbox.co.za