Former minister of Gazankulu’s memorial lecture sets to go

Prof. Hudson Ntsanwisi. Photo supplied. 

By: Blessing Mabunda

GIYANI- Former Gazankulu minister, Prof. Hudson Ntsanwisi’s memorial lecture is expected to take place next Monday at Multipurpose centre, Giyani, organised by Giyani Resources Centre (GRC).

The GCR says the memorial lecture of Prof. Ntsanwisi will be the 25th commemoration. Ntsanwisi a former in life chief minister of GAZANKULU Homeland, who became chief councilor of ‘Amashangani Territorial Authority’ in 1967, he founded Giyani Town in 1969, the homeland was officially named Gazankulu in 1971 July, Prof Ntswanwisi a Graduate Teacher, schools Inspector, lecturer turned politician.

“He was recruited by chief Adolf Sundhuza Mhinga, Chairman of Spilonken (Chiefs who speak Tsonga Shaangaan). The Bendstore minutes of 1960 has resolved that Vatsonga are neither Balobedu nor Venda this gave rise to the mobilization of all Tsonga people in Tshakhuma, Leonde, Mphaphuli, Bushbucridge, Tzaneen and Phalaborwa to form a homeland named Gazankulu (Expansion of Gaza Empire) in Mozambique. Since majority of Vatsonga people hails from Gaza Province in Southern Mozambique it was assumed that Gazankulu was a uniting name.

“Chief Prof Ntsanwisi was from Maluleke Dynasty from Mhinga area, but his father was an EPC church missionary Secretary who was bound to travel with Church Moderator Rev JP Thomas. A missionary Church was erected in Shiluvani in 1914, His father Mphondho was a respected Christian in the area as a pastor.
“Prof Ntswanwisi was born in 1920 July 11 and went to Pangasasa school, in 1935 he passed standard 10 being a top learner for the entire Transvaal Province.

“He went to study BA in Education and Anthropology at University of the North Turfloop, later enrolled in BA, Hons in Politics and Linguistics at Fort Here, Alice (Queen Victoria College). He was in the same class with Robert Sobukwe, Nelson Mandela, Robert Gabrial Mugabe and Mangosuthu Buthelezi. He went to study a Master’s Degree in International Politics and Linguistics.

“On the morning of 25th March 1993, he died in the hospital bed at a Johannesburg Mediclinic in Parktown Parklane Hospital.
His Funeral was held on 02 April 1993 at Giyani Stadium with attendance by Dr Mangusotho Gatsha Buthelezi and Minister of Land affairs Mr Andries Fourie,” added Thembani Chavani.
Prof Ntswanwisi laid to his final rest in the Heroes acres of Gazankulu in the Government compound in Giyani front opposite of Giyani Police station.