Mopani District Municipality dismisses corruption allegations

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MDM Manager Republic Monakedi. Photo supplied. 

By: Tsundukani Zitha
GIYANI- The Mopani District Municipality (MDM) has dismissed allegations made by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) against the Municipal Manager Republic Monakedi. The EFF claims that the Municipal Manager has awarded tenders worth of R700 Million irregularly and corruptly.

Mopani District Municipality’s spokesperson Neil Shikwambane says that the EFF failed to indicate what makes the awarding of these tenders irregular and corrupt.

“We wish to indicate that the awarding of tenders to the companies mentioned by the EFF is above board, through normal competitive bidding and Regulation 32 of the Supply Chain Management Regulations”, said Shikwambane.

Shikwambane further stated that The Regulation 32 does allow the accounting officer to (in certain circumstances) use contracts procured by other organs of state.

“When appointing the said companies, the provisions of Regulation 32 were complied with to the latter”, added Shikwambane.

Allegedly the Mopani District Council recalled Regulation 32 in order to avoid poor spending of grant funding which would result in funds being returned to the national fiscus. The Municipality says this needed to be avoided because the municipality had already lost hundreds of millions back to the national fiscus.

The municipality believes that the EFF is illegitimate using a process that is above board to unduly score political points because it is the main official opposition in the council of Mopani.

“The EFF has all the rights and the duty to formally present these allegations to the council or oversight committees of council like the MPAC for a thorough and a proper investigation,” added Shikwambane.

Shikwambane says that the municipality wishes to challenge the EFF to report the allegations to any law enforcement agencies and allow the allegations to be tested in a court of law.

“We wish to implore the EFF to desist running to the media with untested allegations as this unnecessarily cast aspersions on the person of the Municipal Manager and the image of the Mopani District Municipality,” concluded Shikwambane.

Mopani District EFF wasn’t reached for a comment at the time going to press.