Poor turn-out at Mopani Economic Summit

One of the entrepreneurs who exhibited her products on Thursday during the Mopani District Municipality  2 days Economic Summit.  Tsundzukani Nzula. Photo by Blessing Mabunda.  

By: Angie Nkuna 

TZANEEN- The Mopani District Municipality 2 days Economic summit failed to attract local entrepreneurs. Only eight stalls exhibited their products. The stalls came from Giyani, Kgapane and Phalaborwa. The summit was held at Karibu Lodge,  outside the town of Tzaneen.  

Mopani District Municipality spokesperson, Neil Shikwambana says the purpose of the 2 days (Thursday and Friday) summit is to create a platform for government, business and non-governmental sector to work collectively to create better conditions for economic growth and employment creation and to advance the economy of Mopani District based on the existing local competitive and comparative economic profile.

“The summit will also help to build relationships with relevant stakeholders, encourage dialogue between the public and private sector and to plan collectively.” Said Shikwambana.

The summit is held under the theme “Towards an Inclusive Growth for the Attainment of Economic Transformation.”

Mopani Executive Mayor, Nkakareng Rakgoale on Thursday said during the past few years, one of the biggest preoccupations of the majority of South Africans has been socio economic transformation.

“At the centre of this preoccupation has been an agitation on the side of some on how the majority benefit from the economic exploits offered by many industries driving our economy, while for some has been an elementary issue of survival.

“The Freedom Charter, which we still consider as a blueprint for a democratic and a prosperous society that we endeavour to build promises.

“The first clause of the Freedom Charter tells us that the people shall govern, the second clause says all national groups shall enjoy equal rights and the third clause clearly says the people shall share the wealth of the country.

“Since 1994, we have had a government of the people, for the people, by the people, which has punched beyond its weight in ensuring that all citizens irrespective of race, gender enjoy equal rights. It is now time that we move into the third clause of the freedom charter by ensuring that our people share and benefit on the wealth of this country.

“This summit comes in the backdrop of economic turbulence which our country faced during the past few years. South Africa has for the past few years been experiencing sluggish economic growth. This also led to the country sliding into technical recession last year, added Rakgoale.