Mopani Municipality spokesperson’s shocking salary

Photo supplied/ Facebook. 

By: Blessing Mabunda

GIYANI- The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Mopani regional secretary, Isaac Hlungwane took to Facebook last Thursday, revealing Mopani District Municipality (MDM) spokesperson, Neil Muhluri Shikwambana’s monthly salary.

Hlungwane wrote that Shikwambana decided to be used by municipal manager, Republic Monakedi. This has emerged after Shikwambana last week released a media statement rubbishing corruption allegations made by the EFF against Monakedi.

“And then this one of Neil Muhluri Shikwambana decide to be used by Monakedi. Stop writing lousy statement about things you don’t understand.

“Ulava swakudya? (Do you want food?) Or must we start asking about your lavish life style with the R12000 salary of being a spokesperson.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish, yourself and Dikeledi the speaker of Tzaneen Municipality. Mita t*mba ximangwa,” wrote Hlungwane.

Shikwambana laughed at the comment and reply to the post claiming that when people try to gain traction by fundraising squabbles.

“The strategy is simple; throw as much mud as you can with the hope that some will stick…we are duty bound to clarify malicious lies against the institution and its leadership. History will certainly record as to who exactly “a lavaku swakudya” (needs food), wrote Shikwambana.

Greater Giyani Municipality (GGM) spokesperson, Steven Mabunda told Giyani View that Shikwambana can’t be earning 12k.

“He was making fun of him, Shikwambana earns more than that. I’m earning far more than 12k so MDM spokesperson obviously earns much better,” said Mabunda