Limpopo Health ‘exploits’ Evuxakeni and Nkhensani Hospital workers

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Former Minister of Communications Faith Muthambi during her visit at Evuxakeni, Giyani.  

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- Limpopo Department of Health has been accused of exploiting its workers at Evuxakeni and Nkhensani Hospital kitchen. We are reliably informed that it has been 3 months workers not receiving their salaries.

According to our source, the follow ups have been made with the Department, but nothing has been done thus far.



“When I enquired with them, we were told they were busy with it. Most of these workers are renting, their children must be looked after and if they’re not getting their salaries how they going to do all these?” He asked.

“It’s disgusting that workers are still expected to report to work. There’s a guy in the name of Daddy Mathews, he must be removed from the Department of health, he is the one in charge of their payments.

“We call upon the MEC of health in Limpopo to assist in this case,” concluded our source.

Meanwhile, a multitude of patients were left unattended last Friday at Nkhensani Hospital. According to the pictures shared on social media it shows how vulnerable the patients kept waiting for help.

The Department’s spokesperson, Neil Shikwambane wasn’t immediately reached for comment.