Whitewash for Papa Penny Ahee

Papa Penny supporters with their placard. Photo supplied. 

By Blessing Mabunda

Giyani- Nkuri born musician, Eric Nkovani, well-known as Papa Penny Ahee lost the Provincial Chairperson race after Chupu Mathabatha was elected unopposed on Saturday night.

Nkovani took to the media a week ago that he will be contesting for the Provincial Chairperson in the ANC 9th Provincial Conference which took place over the weekend in Polokwane.



When Papa Penny arrived at the registration venue on Friday afternoon, he received a promising chant that his dream looks possible after a number of delegates chanted that the upcoming Provincial Chairperson has arrived.

The veteran disco king was trending on social media as people described him as a joke who can’t differentiate between entertainment and politics. Nkovani has been called ‘Donald Trump’ of Limpopo.

Nkovani who is the ward councillor in Giyani promised to challenge Mathabatha on the basis that he [Mathabatha] was elected unfairly as the chairperson in the ANC 8th Provincial Conference.

Nkovani was in recent weeks quoted as saying- “In his executive there’s none Xitsonga speaking MEC. Since he was installed as a chairperson of the ANC, he sows division within the people of Limpopo. There’s Vatsonga, Vhavenda and Bapedi in the province today. Tribalism exits within the ranks in his leadership.

“24 years into democracy, our Uni Gaza college and the parliament were vandalised. Our hospital, Nkhensani isn’t in good condition. Today the patients prefer hospitals in Venda and Tzaneen because of how this man (Mathabatha) reduced our hospital to.” claimed Papa Penny.

“It’s not all about us (Vatsonga) but this province should be united. The time is now to have a premier who isn’t Sepedi speaking person. It can be Tshivenda speaking person, but not Sepedi speaking person after 24 years of democracy”. 

Nkovani says he is tired of living in an area split by inequality and tribalism. Although the veteran disco king was confident of victory‚ he said that he was not interested in forming a breakaway party if he does not win.

“I am not an opposition. I am an ANC member and will always be one. I just believe that more must be done for the people in Limpopo. I am the perfect person because I am clean.”