ANC Policy ‘destroyed’ Gazankulu’s legacy for Vatsonga tribe


By Blessing Mabunda

Giyani- Ahead of the official launch of the newly formed political party, Gazankulu Liberation Congress (GLC) on Saturday at Oasis Lodge in Giyani- GLC has criticized African National Congress (ANC) policy for destroying only Gazankulu Homelands.



The GLC secretary, Gift Maswanganyi said that ANC policy destroyed University of Gazankulu, Giyani College, Giyani Airport, Tivumbeni College, Banana Farm in 14A, our Farm that produced cars’ seats, Giyani old parliament building, Hoxani College, Xingwedzi College, Lemana College, Tsonga and  Shangaan Unity.

“Their policy robbed us of Giyani Nursing College, Giyani Technical College.

“Youth Center Thomo village, Man’ombe Game Reserve, Giyani Golf Course have been destroyed as well. Their policy neglected Hudson Ntsan’wisi Dam and render it to be a mud dam.

“They changed Giyani town to be Indian center. ANC destroyed ka’Mtariyane, Godide malamuleni, Mhala show ground.

“ANC policy took our Radio away from us and rip us off our tax. ANC policy gave our parents the platform to be powerful fools.

ANC policy denies ID’s to our people in 14c because they originates from Mozambique but give the Guptas of yesterday citizenship ID’s.

“ANC policy gave us [Tsonga] Ngi ngu nyani/

Nghunghunyani a Zulu ancestor and forced us to warship him, a monetized statue in Giyani where every event is dominated by Zulu language.

“ANC policy denies Tsonga history, it impose and force us [Tsongas] to admit that our existence began after 1800 instead of AD.

“We are the first people to be labeled as baboons in a national TV under the ANC democracy.

We have a duty, all of us must make sure that this apartheid copy called ANC is dead in 2019”. Concluded Maswanganyi.

Meanwhile, Nkuri born musician, Eric Nkovani, well-known as Papa Penny Ahee in preparation of the ANC 9th Provincial Conference which was held on the 22 to 24 June in Polokwane, he accused the newly elected Chairperson, Chupu Mathabatha for destroying Giyani and looking down at Xitsonga speaking people.

Nkovani who is the ward councilor in Giyani lost the Provincial Chairperson race at the ANC 9th Provincial Conference.

Nkovani was in recent weeks quoted as saying- “In his executive there’s none Xitsonga speaking MEC. Since he was installed as a chairperson of the ANC, he sows division within the people of Limpopo.

There’s Vatsonga, Vhavenda and Bapedi in the province today. Tribalism exits within the ranks in his leadership.

“24 years into democracy, our Uni Gaza college and the parliament were vandalised. Our hospital, Nkhensani isn’t in good condition.

Today the patients prefer hospitals in Venda and Tzaneen because of how this man (Mathabatha) reduced our hospital to.” claimed Papa Penny.

“It’s not all about us (Vatsonga) but this province should be united. The time is now to have a premier who isn’t Sepedi speaking person. It can be Tshivenda speaking person, but not Sepedi speaking person after 24 years of democracy”.

Nkovani says he is tired of living in an area split by inequality and tribalism”. Concluded Nkovani.

Edited by Owen Mafukele