Khakhala-Hlomela Task Team brought Giyani town to a standstill 


One of the shops damaged by disgruntled residents.  Photo supplied. 

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- Thousands of people were left stranded in Giyani after residents from Khakhala, Gawula, Mahlathi, Ndidane and Hlomela  embarked  on a strike seeking government’s intervention due to the delay of the promised road D3810.



The strike broke out last Monday morning when disgruntled residents of the aforementioned villages brought Giyani town to a stand-still.

Last Wednesday afternoon, a significant number of shops were damaged in Giyani town by the disgruntled residents of local communities who descended into town to make their grievances heard.

Police said, the disgruntled residents barricaded the R81 road on Wednesday with sand, and, upon arrival of the Police, the sand was removed and the road was cleared of any rubbles used.

“Afterwards, the same community members barricaded another road between Giyani and Thomo, but the situation remains unstable as the number of The Public Order Police Unit were being deployed in the area.” Said L.T. Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe.

According to the previous communication between the provincial government and the task team, a contractor should have been brought to the site to start working.

The ongoing strike has affected the operation of roads, government institutions and the provision of water to the Communities in the outskirts of Greater Giyani and Giyani Town at large that relies mainly on the Nsami plant for water provision.

“At least 12 suspects were arrested for public violence and malicious damage to property which occurred during the violent protest actions that erupted in the area,  manifestly displayed by members of the community from villages that include Khakhala, Gawula, Mahlathi and Hlomela.

“07 of the arrested suspects have briefly appeared before the Giyani Magistrate’s Court. They were all released on warning and their cases were postponed to the 06th of August 2018 for further Police investigations.

“They were identified as follows:

Gift Kubayi  (22) a 18 year old teenager, Wisdom Nkuna aged (23), Bamuza Chauke (34), Mabuza Chauke (32), Stranger Baloyi (34), and Mheho Makhubele (23).

“The remaining​ 5 suspects will  appear before the same court soon”. Concluded Ngoepe 

The Task Team Spokesperson, Hill Nkuna says the strike will go on until their demands are met.

Edited by Owen Mafukele