Dzumeri residents vow to take to the streets in protest

Dzumeri Traditional Council, Ka Dzumeri outside Giyani town. Photo by Blessing Mabunda.  

By Owen Mafukele

GIYANI – Villagers from Dzumeri in the outskirts of Giyani are up in arms and have vowed to take to the streets in protest due to the non delivery of a tar road promised to them from early 2005.  

Dzumeri tribal authority is comprised of 18 villages.

Community’s far cry is due to the lack of progress and the small space at which the allocation of the tar road in the area has unfolded and gone awry in the process.



According to Dzumeri spokesperson, “The place has been on the waiting list since the year 2005, but until to date, the tar road in question is no where near to be seen”.  

“Communication from government in a form of a letter addressed to the communitties of Dzumeri somewhat indicate that the project was done and complete but there’s nothing to show for it”. 

The tar road was meant to connect local villages with a gravel road enroute to Nwa-Mintwa.

Speaking to Afrika wa vulavula in Munghana Lonene fm, the spokesperson further alluded to the fact that, “lack of accountability and coming forth to clear the confusion from the Greater Giyani Municipality has left affected villagers baffled”. “We don’t deal with the province, but our local municipality”. 

Greater Giyani spokesperson, Steven Mabunda was quoted verbatim, saying that “the road that have caused the villages of Dzumeri’s dismay and unease fortunately does not in this instance fall under the jurisdiction of the municipality but to that of the province”. 

Furthermore, Joshua Kwampa spokesperson from the Department that the incumbency of delivering of road services is upon, and they’re also responsible for rolling out of tenders to cater for these communities needs, emphasised on the lack of funds at the present moment within the department. “We approached the treasury with a cap in hands requesting for funds, that’s why there was a shortfall in terms of service delivery issues”.

However, he did give a time frame on Friday, that’s when the department will issue out the notice of 11 tender contracts, although there was no specific mention of Dzumeri if they’ll also be on the receiving end. 

We have had a situation where residents from villages who were promised have roads took to the public and blockade R81 in Moeketsi which hindered the flow of traffic. 

Rotterdam village could be in line to having their tar road cries being answered, cognizant of how the name of the village made it through several times in the conversation while ….  addressed the radio program.

The villagers spokesperson has acceded on air to the call of halting their planned action to protest, giving the department three working days to come back with a tangible feedback before they embark on all the mother of the strikes which is yet to be seen within Giyani’s immediate vicinity.