Mabunda’s promotion to Nkhensani Hospital in question 

Photo supplied. 

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- Throngs of dissatisfied Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members in Giyani are all out seeking transparency on the procedures and protocol that was followed, with regard to the sudden elevation of Wisani Mabunda to the position she currently occupies to be made available, as the former Evuxakeni CEO was promoted to Nkhensani Hospital and ascend to a similar position. 

Giyani View understands that Mabunda who is a former CEO at Evuxakeni was appointed as the new CEO at Nkhensani Hospital through her political connections, and little or no consideration at all of her track record prior to the appointment was taken into cognisance. 

Austin Mabasa says Mabunda has collapsed Evuxakeni, and now as I’m talking, she even failed to resolve the issue of unpaid workers who are working at Evuxakeni  laundry.

 “How on earth could you promote someone who had dismally failed at a small hospital like Evuxakeni and put that very same person in charge of a bigger hospital like Nkhesani. He quipped.

“We are heading for disaster here. If it might happen that maybe you were in exile and ain’t privy to this…

“Nkhesani Hospital employees were on strike in protest of her appointment and meteoric rise to the upper echelons of the hospital last week… 

“They sacked Ruth Shilumani because she never went to exile”, concluded the EFF representative in Giyani. 

Edited by Owen Mafukele.