Madlangathini family living in abject poverty

The family of 9 members live in a one roomed house where everything takes place at. Photo supplied. 

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- The Chavalala family well-known as Madlangathini at Homu 14B outside Giyani town plead for more donation to help out good on the table. The family lives in abject poverty as they depend on donations for survival.

The family of 9 members lives in a one roomed house where everything takes place in. Giyani View understands that the family has no bread-winner but solely relies on donations and handouts from good-spirited Samaritans.

Hands of Wisdom founder, Chris Ndlovu, who recently landed a helping hand said the dire poverty that the family lives in made them to be well known in the area, which of course is sad and heartbreaking.

“The Child’s age ranges from the age of 3, 7, 8, 12, and 1 month old, with two adults to complete the misery of the down-trodden family of 9.

“It is heartbreaking that these children don’t have a school uniform, and the one they have, it was through donations, and even the colour is fading away”, added Ndlovu.

One of the community members told Giyani View that both parents are there not working, but depend on piece jobs and are 100 percent South African born Citizens.

For donations kindly call Chris Ndlovu on 084 533 0096 or email