No salary increment for municipal workers

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By staff Reporter

Johannesburg- Parties in the South African Local Government Bargaining Council (SALGBC) reconvened on the 23rd of July 2018 for two dispute resolution processes. This follows the deadlock in the negotiations which resulted in both unions declaring separate disputes in an an attempt to resolve the deadlock.

On the 16th of July, SAMWU attended conciliation which was referred by the other union with the intention of seeking the enforcement of the facilitator’s report, which was overwhelmingly rejected by municipal workers in its current form. That conciliated process remained unresolved and as such a certificate on non-resolution was issued by the commissioner.

The conciliation was scheduled, and held on Monday 23rd of July, where the matter could not be resolved, and as such a certificate of non-resolution was issued. It therefore resulted in a joint arbitration of mutual interest being held immediately after the conciliation.

SAMWU fought tooth and nail in the pre-arbitration hearing that the facilitator’s proposal should not be implemented in its current form as it will disadvantage their members, particularly the least paid municipal workers. They therefore made submission that low earning employees should be prioritized particularly given the fact that they are affected by the forever raising cost of living.

Parties now awaits the arbitration award which will be presented by the commissioner, which they trust will take into account their submissions particularly that of low earning employees. Once this is done parties will return to the Bargaining Committee for further deliberations.

SAMWU thank their members for their patience during the negotiations.” These negotiations were held under difficult conditions. We further are of the view that we can’t be negotiating forever and as such an agreement need to be reached soon.

“The fact that municipal workers will not be receiving salary increase this month is of concern to us as we believe that further delays in reaching an agreement will negatively expose our members as they will continue to find it hard to make ends meet,” concluded the statement issued by SAMWU Secretariat.