GLC opens ‘fraud’ case against former EFF MP! 

Emmanuel Mtileni, Former EFF MP. Photo supplied. 

By Angie Nkuna 

Giyani- Gazankulu Liberation Congress (GLC) claims to have opened a case of Election fraud against Emmanuel Mtileni (Former EFF MP) and who’s currently ‘the self-proclaimed President of (GMC) Gaza Movement for Change’.
This follows an Interview he had on Tuesday, 31 July 2018 at an SABC radio station Mughana Lonene FM current affairs program (Afrika Wa Vulavula).

“Mtileni went on rampage by conducting an ideological theft by stealing the constitution, agenda and policies of GLC.
“Mtileni was found to be misleading the nation, and the program presenter, and also the producers by lying to the listeners by telling the show host that he was sent packing from EFF because he hugged Mr Cyril Ramaphosa then number 1 enemy of the EFF, lies has got short legs, no wonder they don’t travel too far.
“He further used a logo and letterhead previously belonging to GLC as his new party Logo.
“Mtileni is a dishonest disgruntled former leader of GLC who was recruited by Founder of GLC and was placed in the position of Deputy President, but because of his uncontrollable ambition for power… 
“He later created a faction alongside me (Thembani Chabani),  Barclays Mathebula, Solani Mashimbyi, Sarah Mavikani, Luckson Makamu and Sonnet Baloyi.
“The top 6 consist of all laymen who have no political vision or intellectual sense of philosophy.
“Mtileni has a history of being a member of Ximoko, DA , UDM,  EFF and GLC and now a founder and president of Gaza Movemet for Change. A party based on GLC ideology 
“GLC wish to place it on record that a case of forgery, fraud and extorttion has been opened against Manuel Mtileni last night 31 July 2018 at Malamulele Police Station.
“A case will be investigated by the Directorate of Priority Crimes Investigations Hawks.
“A signature and hand writing specialist will audit the forms of Gaza Movement For Change document.
“How Mtileni crime was Commissioned:
(a) Voters Roll with names of voters from Malamulele was perused and names of individuals were extracted and written down in the sequence.

(b) IEC form annexure 1 require that anyone intends to register a political Party must furnish too signatures and ID books that at in the voters roll.
(c) He further used false signatures to acquire a status of the party .
“We urge all South Africans to distance themselves from any act of crime and joining a recruitment Drive marshalled by these goon lander garten political clowns”, says secretary General of GLC, Thembani Chabane.
Mtileni and Hawks provincial spokesperson weren’t reached for a comment at the time of going to print.