‘My friend’ Shops allegedly killing the black community

Some of the machines seized by police, which manufactures counterfeit products. Photo supplied.

By Angie Nkuna

Giyani- Rural town residents fear for their lives after police report that R77M worth of counterfeit products was confiscated by police in the North West province recently.

Some residents in Phalaborwa and Giyani took to social media to warn that the black communities should stop buying food products from the so-called ‘My friend’ Spaza shops in every street corner as their main aim is to allegedly kill black South Africans.

According to police reports amongst the fake products which are being manufactured by these unlicensed factories are, Rice, Yeast and Robertson spices.


Giyani is one of the towns where the majority of the shops are owned by Somalians, Pakistanis, Ethiopians and Bangladeshis. The level of poverty in rural community force residents do their daily groceries at the Spaza shops which are now in question.

One of the residents of Giyani, Dicky Sithole says minister of health DR Aron Motswaledi should take the issue of counterfeit products very seriously as it endangers the lives of many poor South Africans.